Hey Guys,

Hey Guys pls Check my Replay against Agressor he has unlimited Mana so funny … he rekt me he was lvl 9 and uses his Ability Every 2 Seconds.

Pls fix that thanks Alot !


//Edited the title, no swearing please :slight_smile: - SOLID

can you record it and post it on forum. I am unable to see it. and publish cheater name.

EDIT: just played against aggressive L16? is that same player?


Hi guys,

We’ve checked and the user has gotten banned. We’re also looking into the exploit to close it.


Well done team good to see a quick response


Thanks a lot Solid !!!

I just got mad cuz cheaters are the worst nightmare.
I hate them so much I can’t Discribe.

Once Again a huge Thanks to Solid and the Nordeus Team u guys are amazing !
First Time on a mobile game that we got amazing developers and community mangers huge love !


PS : i can poste the Video when i arrived an home.


Would love to see clip to know what we are looking out for.


Admin team. Is this solved??