Challenge: Unseating the Top 20 Duelers


At the global 20~30th seat, I have no difficulty defeating those below the 40s. But, when paired with the top 20 kids and especially the [POY] members, I’m almost always outmaneuvered.

It’s time to overthrow Malvolio and readjust global rankings… I shall lead the way!

Duelers with footage of them defeating high-ranked players, please share it below through Youtube. Duelers who remember their experience against high-ranked players, and have constructive comments to offer, please post it below to support our coup against the nobility.


I like this, how about we juice this up a little by sending a Nordeus T-shirt to anyone who posts a youtube video of a win against one of our top 10 players? :slight_smile:


Perhaps top 5! To prevent people from abusing that reward system.

Or maybe even an official Spellsouls championship!


Let’s limit it to the first 10 video’s, or else I’m going to be standing at the post-office for a long time :slight_smile:

Championships are a bit further away unfortunately. BUT if there are many of your out there interested in something like that, maybe we could hack something together (this isn’t a promise though)


I would like to see a influx of new players maybe expanding availability might be in order.


Ps I have beaten tyrantyan, kika, navi, penguin. Don’t have ability to record unfortunately


In this day and age is it safe and wise to be giving out addresses to strangers on the internet?


Generally no - except it’s a legit company and done via E-mail (not publicly), but I’d understand if people are reluctant to do so. I’d also think twice.


I will do my best to, record edit and upload a video vs all (or most) top players over weekend. This might be a Ruul guide as well.


which program to use with iphone to record video? if i am eligible to compete…

aaaaaaand my replay is out of sync since in replay i clearly lost even result is victory for me :(:sleepy:


oh cool. I’ve beaten tyantyan a few times now. hey I was ranked 9 once :slight_smile: Do I get a shirt for that :wink:


only problem with that leaderboard is it encourages safe playing… coz once you get a solid strategy you tend to stick to it… tyantyan has been killing me with the same mordrake strategy for weeks now… sit and build mana… then do a push to get a skeleton near the caster… then abomination and whirlpool to win.

I haven’t found a reliable strategy against it with Valen unless you have top level AOE offensive cards. The other mages can push the attack easier and force his hand.


use push magic for abomination. aaaand build up mana yourself. helps a bit :wink: mana and comboes count more when you have more minions on table.


A few videos I recorded with a potato




In these videos you see me consistently setting up the same move. Try to destroy the bottom enemy tower, and have one brawler and two swordsmen on one side. Pair Mass Charge with Rage, and use accessory spells(Fire Crush, Lightning, Fireball) to nerf minions in your way. This pattern brought me to rank 10~20, where I’m standing right now.

I coin this combo as the Invasion.

We need a function where our replays can be saved on our devices. Or directly published to youtube. That’d be real cool. There’s currently no app on the appstore that allows screen recording.


Aaaaand I just got destroyed by @MaDPuPPeT He used Ruul with triple brawlers.

Also can’t beat Malvolio. Never ever ever.


Look forward to duelling you again got a few new tricks up my sleeve


Definitely. Hope the friend-add and challenge system comes soon.


ruul feels a little OP to me these days… he certainly finishes games quickly if you get the right cards and the other player doesnt

though given that I used to think Valen was OP, now I think Mordrake and Ruul are OP … could just be the strategies people are constantly finding to counter previous strategies…

this game is very well designed, especially considering it has to balance all these emergent strategies.


argh. I guess I won’t be posting here. I keep losing with everyone lately.
can’t believe I got to rank 9 and now I’m struggling to stay in the top 100


You probably just had a bad day. If you’ve beaten me before, then you should be able to return to 20+ quickly. That said there’s some formidable duelers out there in the lower ranks, for instance
Taiwan no 1 (I’m actually from Taiwan. Always a fun match with this guy)
I remember KuKu/Kukiller being a strong dueler. Where’d he go