Card play delay?


Hey guys. Did you ever played a card on a guardian that literally died milliseconds before animation kicked in? Happens to me way too often lately. is there anyone with same problem? Is it a client side delay, server side, or it’s meant to be this way, and you have to play some cards ‘in advance’ ?


Hi Daed,

I’m going to be as concise as possible here. When you drag a card to a minion of yours, you can do this slightly in advance, even before you have the mana. This way, as soon as you have that mana the card will be played and the effects take place. This allows you to make your moves so that you could be thinking ahead. The situation that you described, the minion would have died before that card’s effect took place, as the mana required to cast it wasn’t all there.

This is what I personally believe is happening, though I could easily be wrong. If a moderator or more knowledgeable players sees this -which they likely will- I would appreciate some conformation, or if I am wrong, please let me know.



Never experienced something like that, or maybe I misunderstood your statement :slight_smile:

But to test this perfect spell would be a heal, in your scenario if you can make it knock back and stun everyone around your unit and your unit die anyway than I would consider that a bug yes.


@Jaroonski will try that, thank you.
@Shane you’re right - I was implying to using ‘Saving Grace’. I used it on several occasions in right time - my minions were alive, but still, they die before animations starts, and card automatically returns to my hand.

thanks for replies guys.


Yes that happens to me from time to time, think it is my internet connection. Be happy it is with buff card so you get it back in hand, its pain when you play Ruul and do aoe spell that lands a 1 sec later and miss everyone :).
Also note that there is some “casting time”, little less than 1sec, so you have to plan ahead a bit.


@Shane about casting time - it seems like whole eternity :grin: