Card leveling update without announcement?


Hello to all. Fuild members noticed me last night on card number change. As you are all aware certain number of card is needed in order to improve card to the next level.
Before change decade system was implemented: 5-10-20-50-100-200-500-1000-2000-… since last noght and to my interface that is permanently changed. Opened topic in “bugs” part of community if I am wrong. Hope that “gods” od community and developmentt will show and tell us what this change is about. Or bug. And please do include numbering wrom levels 1-15 so I know what to expect.

Best regards


Number of runes needed for upgrade intermediate levels is changed too. Please do make detail disclosure on all changes you implemented. Changing without disclosing will get you nowhere.


Hi! As the number of our users grow we get more valuable data and more insights based on which we can optimize the game, and in this particular case optimize the card leveling system, even more.

This is for sure not the first change of this type so far, but it is probably the most visible one so I apologize for not disclosing it in advance! We will share the numbering later on, just to make sure first that this is the definite change. Thanks!