Cant connect reliably to server


i have pretty poor internet, but this hasnt been a problem for the game.
however, for the last 2 days, the game is constantly flashing “connecting” and is unplayable. i can do other games and facebook/youtube so i think it might be a. spellsouls issue. i managed to open a chest this morning and i thought the problem might have sorted itself but its doing it again now.


Me too,all can I do is just restart the app and sometimes it will work


yeah looks like killing and restarting eventually works.


Happens to me as well. It happens often when I press the home button to check something and then come back to the game quickly. The game bugs out and “connecting” keeps flashing in the middle of the screen until I restart the game.


any update on this? i cant get in at all tonight. been restarting for 10 minutes.


i finally logged in and played some games but now the guild menu is down


Hi everyone! We have released a small fix that should solve the connecting problem, if you still experience it please let us know. @MaDPuPPeT, you do not see the menu at all? Could you perhaps ping me a screenshot? tnx!


just blank with a twirling a “busy circle”. I’ll send a screenshot when I can but busy at work atm.


leaderboards works, btw. Its just the first 2 guild windows that are constantly blank with a small green circle spinning.


its working again now. ill grab a shot if it happens again.


Happened for me today, in fact it’s still bugged. I can’t connect to the game. As soon as I click any aspect of the interface I lag out. It’s been like this all day.


Is server down?


Every time I open game it says disconnected from server. What’s happening? Is this only me or everybody?


It’s fixed for me now, but it happens from time to time, just as MadPuPPeT described.


I was able to get in finally and have a couple of games. was working fine again.



All I’m getting over and over


My iPad it’s up to date on updates but I can’t get in game at all. Never been this bad


yeah, I was getting this this morning. I thought I started a new thread but I forget to post it…
posted it now.

I then got in about an hour later and had a couple of games. Haven’t tried since then.


Well been trying all morning this is all I’m seeing