BUG - Sound effects are up even though Sound + Music is off in game settings


It looks like you added some new sounds and it looks like that turning sound off does not impact them. (But do not focus on those as that is just a guess on my side, as it was working fine before latest patch).

IPad mini 4

Turn on sound on your device
Turn it up to maximum
Launch Game
Click on Your name (icon)
Click on settings icon to switch to settings tab
Click on Check button under Music to see it as OFF (see screenshot)
Click on Check button under Sound to see it as OFF
Click on back button
Click on Battle button
Play a game, throw some spells and keep an ear on sounds coming from your device
Expected: Not to hear any sound effects as we turned it off
Actual: Some, but not all, sound effects are on (mostly explosions)


This is definitely a bug, we’re aware of it and it shall be fixed soon. :slight_smile: