Bug - Necrotic Grasp


IPad mini 4

Card does not do any damage to friendly minions.
Also card area is a less wide that the marker says. This might be intended but is extremely annoying, damn priests always dodge my spell.


Priests? You mean Ameryl‘s Healer?


Yes that is exactly what I mean. Hate them :), for no particular reason.


Cuz the place healers summoned is among two paths as usual.And healers will follow minions who get attack,this is a chance that can kill these healers.But healers will return in situ while no minions get hurt,so your spell can not touch them.


Seen it only once. Good card and spell. Did me damage. Healers annoy indeed. Just combat them later. Do not rush wait till opppnent make 4-5 them :wink: