Bug caused hero to die



I just had a game where my Ruul died with 90% health after casting Overload.

Game happened 2-3 mins ago: CrazyBranch vs Tyantyan.


Would also be nice to get this as a victory, it was obviously my game :slight_smile:


Hi @Stam, we’ll look into this and will try to replicate the issue.


don’t want to start another thread, same issue over here. I do have a video, link included. game was about hour or two ago :frowning:
youtube link feel free to go to 3:05, skip boring part
I was really bad this game, however, my hero should’ve not died, and I would have a chance in counter push… :frowning:


it was determined that some spells cause game to be out of sync, in this case probably the wall that push units back, so basically at some point you and your opponent play two different games. u can see it when he cast a spells into nothing like that stun, there were probably units there for him.


This seems like a bug in the replay system itself which desyncs?


Another bug I’ve encountered is using the fire leap in top lane near enemy tower twice I’ve landed and enemies tank minions have walked off confused behind tower. Sorry I didn’t note games but has happened twice now so will mention the bug


It really seems like desync, my bad. Thanks for the replies


@Daed no worries, thanks for reporting it in any case!

@Drags3840 We’ll look into it :slight_smile: