Bring back our casters return to old style petition


Put your names down people if you are unhappy with update and the game this once great game has been turned into. Bring back our casters!!!


Bring them back!


Bring them Back!


The old game was legendary. This one is rather pathetic. Bring them back!


I would also prefer original version! +1


Yah. This version is rubbish. Ive tried to like it but all the brilliance of the last version has been removed and replaced with mediocre lane spawner like a dozen other iOS lane spawners.

The old game was tense and epic. This is just spawn,spawn,spawn… oh they have tougher units and there is no counters so I lose.


Bring back last version


so you did create account just for this :slight_smile:


Nope long time player that’s dissapointed with new direction of game as it’s a clone of castle crush.


Anyone who wants to join me on South Park phone destroyer. Let me know that game is amazing something Spellsouls staff should look at for ideas instead of castle crush.


I’m just worry about whether we can get our record back for the old version. RIP tons of hours spent in spellsouls.


Yep, I’d say everything we did in the old version is lost now, even if we convinced them to go back to the old version. Not sure we can convince them coz we don’t know why they left that version in the first place. I think they were just worried the candy crush mob wouldn’t buy their game unless they dumbed it down.


Quit the first day I played this version.


I also preferred the old game. I’m not sure if I feel like putting pressure on the team to bring it back though.

I stopped playing SpellSouls because of a problem with my phone - my battery drains so fast I can’t really play games at it anymore ( it’s a 1 year old iPhone 6s+). I was super busy this month to begin with, so I never got to the bottom of the issue…

I’m not sure if my battery gradually deteriorated from playing too much of the old game (it was actually quite hardware demanding as well, the new version is even worse in this regard). Most likely the new iOS is bugged, or apple has decided to employ Planned obsolescence with it (which I doubt). The “searching for network” icon often turns on, at random times which could be tied to the issue.

What little of the new game I tried, I didn’t like. Due to hardware problems I didn’t have the chance to give it enough time, but still, it didn’t feel like the new spellsouls is for me. This is a shame, because the old one was the perfect game for me.


Happy new year! Make a wish :slight_smile:


I think they managed to lose the entire playerbase with this version.
I still think some more meta-game so there is more for people to do and more ways to show off your prowess would have boostered the player base, instead of just trashing it for this generic spawner idea.

I’d love to know the logic behind this change and if the devs consider this direction a success?
I can only imagine they felt they captured a limited hard-core audience and they are fishing for a broader base, at the sacrifice of losing all of us.

Happy New Year.


So developers still proud of your wonderful update??? Looks like majority of player base have turned back on game now.


not a single post in 7 days. dunno how the game is going but the forums have certainly been killed.

damn shame they didn’t at least have the confidence to do a global release before killing off this game.


Hey guys,

Thank you for sharing your thoughts. It is really amazing to see that you are as passionate as we about Spellsouls!

We apologize for being silent recently. We have spent a lot of time internally researching and learning from the results of the current version and user feedback, which helped us make a clear decision about the future game direction and you can read more about it in this thread.

Thank you as always for sharing all your feedback!