Brainstorm - Mana + Soulpower


Comments welcome :slight_smile:

Atm main/only resource a player can use in the match is mana, so the following suggestion is to evaluate and possibly add a secondary resource that player can use in tight interaction with mana.

Soul power (for example…):

  • Is a resource that tunes card effect up or down

  • Soul power regenerates at the same speed as mana

  • It is used together with mana and is not an independent resource

  • Amount of soul power that can be used for a card, compared to mana, is +/- 2 (cap to prevent abuse of the mechanism)

  • +/- 0 Soul power = default card effect

  • +/- 1 Soul power = +/- 10% card effect

  • +/- 2 soul power is +/- 20% card effect

  • How to implement in the UI - click on a card is a default cast, but after 1 sec hold a slider appears on top of the card - card (default effect) is in the middle and player can slide to left or right to choose soul power amount -2, -1, 0, +1, +2 and then cast it (it should not affect the gameplay drastically)

Idea is to make the most out of the situation when RNG gives you cards that simply cant be used efficiently at the given situation on the field or when player wants to save up some juice to use at critical moments.

Roughly it would work like this:

  • Card cost in mana remains the same - if a card costs 3 mana - that is how much mana you will use no matter how much soul power you use

  • Card that now costs 3 mana would by default cost 3 mana / 3 soul power - and when used in that way (default) it would give the same effect as it does now

  • If you use the same card and you don’t use 3 mana / 3 soul power but instead 3 mana / 1 soul power - card effect would be lower (for situations when full effect of the card would be an overkill for ex…) and you would save up 2 soul power for later.

  • Next card the player wants to use is for ex 4 mana, but instead using 4 mana / 4 soul power, player uses it with 4 mana / 6 soul power (saved up from previous card usage)

  • This would give higher yield of the card, based on saved up soul power

So lets see this mechanism in the “long run”:

  • If soul power is overused, player will end up with more mana and less soul power - being forced to use cards with lower yield until it balances out (if he was rampaging at one moment, he will have to struggle shortly after until balance hits in and vice versa)

  • Hoarding soul power and saving up for 1 big shot… it wouldn’t work as player can only use +/- 2 soul power compared to mana cost. As mana is the resource that allows/prevents a player to use the card, and soul power is to tune the yield - if there is not enough mana, it doesn’t matter if a player has 200 soul power stockpiled somehow

  • Main balance issue would be this - if player saves up 2 points of soul power on a cheap mana card, is it fair to let him use those 2 points of soul power on an expensive mana card. This could be interpreted both ways, depending on the situation on the field and cards available.

  • For beginners, casuals and amateurs - if they dont try to use it - they wont be burdened with the UI modification, and if they decide to use it, they might suffer a bit at start till they get used to balancing out mechanism in the mid/long run

  • For performance players - it will open up a resource that can be used independent of the playstyle and can make their card usage more effective (compared to resource usage)

To make the life easier for the players - maybe add recalculated tooltips on the slider options to save the player from doing math in the head during cast.

That would be the core of the idea, and comments/ideas are welcome.



Seems like an interesting idea that could sit well with another game, but remember that Spellsouls is a mobile game. It needs to achieve gameplay with as little input elements as possible. Everything you add to it has to have a really good reason to be there - it really needs to bring a lot of freshness to the table while…

In fact, the element of “hoarding” rather than using your resources already exists. You just save mana so that you can chain a couple of spells - just comboing them quickly can make them a lot more powerful.

If this game faces any hurdles towards commercial success once it’s released - it will be too much complexity. Or at least it won’t be lack of gameplay mechanics, that’s for sure.

But then again, when I look at how popular Clash Royale is, and Spellsouls blows it out of the water even in this unfinished state …