Automatic loss Matchmaking bug of 2 kinds


Over the last 2 days I’ve encountered 2 different types of matchmaking bugs, both leading me to lose games I never got to play:

  1. I get normally matched with an opponent, and the battlefield loads, however within 2 seconds of that, I just get the DEFEAT screen instantly. No 40 seconds passed, nothing. This happened once last night.

  2. I get stuck for a while during the matchmaking screen ( and the cancel button almost never works) until the game finally decides no match has been found, which is usually roughly 50 seconds. When I queue again I usually get matched relatively quickly, however, after I play that game, I return to my chest screen to see I got 2 chests, one being the “Simple Chest” you get for losing. I guess what happened was, server matched me with someone, but my client never got that prompt, so the game happened without me actually playing it, and I assume the opponent just got his instant win after the 40 seconds of me not getting there. This happened 2, or maybe 3 times over the past 2 days.

I roughly play about 10 - 15 chest awarding games during the day, so you can roughly gauge the frequency. I am playing on an iPhone 6s+ from Belgrade, Serbia, mostly using stable wireless internet.


Hey @Malvolio I had a similar problem back i 2016(before the bigger scale release)
but after further research it was just my internet connection.
If you could check your wifi usage at that time you will probably find a drop.
If there are no drops it could be some problem with the device(needs to be confirmed by more people with the same device)
Or it just might be something else ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


It’s not impossible, however unlikely. Lately I don’t have time to play much, but when I play games such as Heroes of the Storm, I don’t remember experiencing any spikes at any time for months back. It could be that my laptop has better reception than my phone though …

However even if there was a drop in connection, I doubt it lasted longer than a second. The servers should be able to reconnect you. The 40 second grace period at the start of the game is there mostly for this purpose, no?


Ok this is getting absurd. This is happening all the time now. I just had another entire matchaking period waited out followed by a game I won. This awarded me the third chest which I went to open, but then I was prompted by an error “something went wrong, please try again”. However instead of the won-game chest, I got the lost-game “Simple Chest” in its place, which didn’t contain the soul of the player I had defeated. What obviously happened was that I was awarded another automatic loss during this period when I didn’t get a match found, and then there was in reality no room for the chest from the won game, except my client was slow to realize this.

I guess I could find a tool to monitor my wifi activity, but I never experienced any sort of lag or problems of this sort with any other application or game, so it’s unlikely that this is the culprit.

edit: And the same thing happened again … It’s roughly happening every second game now. I guess I’ll give trying to play the game a rest for the time being.

edit2: I let 3 of my chests stack up so that I can test this with minimum damage to my account. In any event, after trying out to play 20 games, I concluded that without exception, every second game is an autoloss that occurs after an unsuccessful matchmaking session which lasts just under a minute. Then every second game I find a match within 15 seconds and play normally. It’s not on average - it’s literally every second game. This pattern is too neat to have anything to do with wifi quality.

If this is happening to anyone else, I bet it’s quite difficult to realize, especially if you have all 3 chest slots taken often. If not, you would have to realize that the Standard chest you get from time to time for nothing is coming from a loss. It took me a while to realize what was going on anyway.

One additional factoid : if you try pressing cancel during the searching for opponent screen and it doesn’t work - this is almost a certain sign an opponent will not be found, and you will be awarded a Standard chest soon.


The bug stopped occuring after I had turned my phone off and back on. I feel silly for not trying this sooner. I guess i had some faulty data cached or w/e.


@Malvolio We have pushed this to our devs as well, as it’s a rather curious bug. Please let us know in case it happens again.


It is also happening of you receive a phone call.


Happened again today, not sure if that could be a potential trigger but i opened a simple chest before I queued up. After that I won a game where my opponent didn’t connect for 40 seconds so I suspect the same thing happened to them. It’s tough trying to fight for rank 1 with this :slightly_smiling_face:


Okay, happened again after I had opened that simple chest. Instead of the matchmaking just returning me to my main screen as if it was unsuccessful, I was just brought to a battlefield with the “Defeat” screen.

I will restart the phone and hopefully it will go away, but I feel opening a simple chest somehow triggers the bug ( which is a cycle that’s not easy to get out of if the bug keeps giving them )


Hei buddy! @Malvolio, we’ve been tracking your account and the issues you were having since your first complaint. Personally I experiences them as well and everything points to a wonky connection. We’re planning to release a new version next week which shall address some of the issues players on sometimes sub-optimal connections might have. I highly hope that this shall solve your issues as well.

If you have any data on your connection quality etc, please send it my way. We’re always thankful for any feedback, so please keep it coming - it’s a tremendous help for us on the path of improving the game. Also - if you wish, we can always jump on a hangout or if you happen to be in Belgrade any time soon - feel free to come by our office :slight_smile:


The awkward, often too neat a pattern of the problem ( and the way it goes away after I reset my phone ) made me certain it wasn’t connection, but if you have data on it then I have no choice but surrender to the evidence. I’ll get an app for tracking wifi connection so I have some of my own next time I start experiencing the problem.

Jumping on a hangout sounds good. I remember enjoying having a lot of back and forth with Duelyst ( a Hearthstone like game I used to compete in ) developers through Discord. Honestly, I already shared most of the impressions I feel strongly towards here, but I guess they will keep coming. I live in Belgrade, and I’ll take up any excuse I can get to visit your offices, it’d be like kid in a chocolate factory :slight_smile:

edit: happened once more today, it wasn’t after opening a simple chest this time around though. Here is some data of internet quality taken 10 seconds after I got the autoloss. I didn’t find any apps so far that measure activity over a longer period. Upload does look a tad flaky. Does that look bad enough to cause me to drop out of the matchmaking queue ?

edit2: definitely keeps happening. It’s roughly once in 10-15 games or so


Just to mention that you almost drop in a game we had an hour ago. It was like less than 10 sec left on countdown. Glad that you didnt though it was an epic game :slight_smile:


Whoa, really? Maybe something is seriously wrong with my phone. I think I dropped like 2 or 3 times tonight. I did lose some games fair and square to a couple of strong Mordrake players though.

I can’t remember the exact game, were you on the [POY] Shane account ? GGs anyway


Another acc [POY]Dulac it was human on human action :wink: literally one milisecond decided game. you won btw


Oh yeah, damn that was one of the most intense games I’ve had.

Seeing by how small the margin of victory was, you definitely played better! The advantage in resistance and card levels I have over that account is substantial.


Hei @Malvolio, we’ve released a new update. Please let us know if the issues you’ve had have gotten better?


I havent noticed this happening after update. but strangest thing happened tonight 3 games vs cubear I loged into a defeat. This did not happen vs any1 else and I played for hours without any issues.
edit almost another drop against him, but this time I made to countdown
edit2: scratch that I am droping like crazy now everyother game, playing on mobile internet. Btw I notice this happening a lot after 2-2:30 a.m. CET


So far so good, the autoloss bug didn’t happen once since the update.

I did have a weird bug of other kind though, my screen froze at the moment when the enemy hero died. Maybe it had something to do with the fact that at the same time I used a lightning spell which also triggered the placement of a new node. The screen was stuck and I could actually play around with the node, try to place it. As you can see in the screenshots, some of the placement options were illegal, as in - it appeared as if I could place 2 nodes at once, or even a node on the enemy side - if that helps with diagnostics of the problem at all.

I turned the phone off and on and everything was normal again. My win was recorded and I received my chest normally.

It was fairly inconsequential, when I think about it now, but here it is.

Lag, massive delay in card use

Sadly, automatic defeat is back, happened twice During my last playing session. This time it looks different though, I’m brought to the gameplay screen to see my towers instantly crumble and then get the defeat screen. I used to just drop out of the queue without knowing what happened, so this is a bit of an improvement at least. More players will realize if they are experiencing the problem.

I’m also not positive on this, but it seems these defeats didn’t count for ranking most of the time before, but seems they do now.

edit: Actually, the “get kicked out of the matchmaking queue and look at your new simple chest” kind of automatic loss is back too, happened once more. Seems the bug is happening quite frequently today.


may I suggest “Net Uptime Monitor” if you play on wifi you can turn it on comp (if same internet) while you play.

It helped me realize how unstable my wifi is :’(
And if it is not your net you will know who to blame :slight_smile: