Ameryl OP low cost SPELLS - need some nerfs?


Well, all Ameryl’s players discussing marksman spell… ill give you some info from Mordrake’s point of view…

So many Ameryl spells are low cost… im struggling with Mordrake against Ameryl not to loose a tower in first 20 seconds of a game… its rly hard to keep up…

Marksman for opening on swordsman i dont know how to deal with, if i shackle it there’s no point because its range is long enough so he wont get hit instead my minion will rush his tower so i can try to push other line, but because of Ameryl low cost spells he can easy menage that by dispelling, i can bait with Growth then Vampirism, but then i wasted 7 mana and he can easy shackle on tower and kill it with only few hits on tower… loosing 6 mana for Cleans and Shackle.

I cant push other line, so only what i can do is gather mana to defend tower where the marksmen is… entirely Ameryl handling 2 lines with 4 mana- Cleans and Marksman… and i cant open with Soul Fissure because i cant get enough mana to push his swordsman forward, i can push it backward only, then ill loose the tower in 10 secs instead delaying it to 20 :stuck_out_tongue:

After that Ameryl’s minion is charging my tower… and Swordsman is on full HP, Growth inc ofc…
The main problem is Saving Grace, its too OP… it pushes back, ministun/interupt and heal to FULL… for 2 MANA! … i have to kill his monster twice for 2 MANA? and i cant defend the tower because my opponent is using Growth and when my minion comes he pushes him and healing his swordsman to full following with Solar Flare and Repel… both 3 mana each…

I can use Restless Souls so i can buy some time for my monster spawn… and because of Ameryl’s low cost spells he will Rune STUN me afterwards…
I tried Shackle it too, doesn’t solve anything just delaying…

Ameryl have so much spells and options on start, on opponents worst hand, he can spam spells to get what he wants and set it for the next rune spawn…

Saving Grace needs a nerf by not pushing and mana cost increase to 3 if its interupting or to 4 to maintain as it is, thats my opinion.

Marksman range reduction to a Wizards range.

Cleans stun is too long. It have to be a spell for a spell and not a spell for a minion. Example Growth 4 mana cleans and my minion dies because of long stun, almost like a Shackle and Shackle is 4 mana… zzz
Sorry for a long post and if some1 have a solution to this problem against Ameryl , im open for suggestions :slight_smile:


I’d wait for level 17 spells before I give my final judgement, but I also feel at this stage Marksman’s Spirit is a bit silly.
I wouldn’t remove knockback from Saving Grace because it is fun, but I wouldn’t mind reducing the distance it throws enemies away or bumping it to 3 mana.

Those are definitely the two worst offenders, but Repel and Cleanse feel like they have a slightly longer stun than they need, too.

I feel like most of her abilities are well designed and fun to play with, just a number knob or two needs to be turned.


How that tip goes with “… try changing your deck” :).
I would also suggest waiting a bit till all cards are open, for example every class looks OP for me cause I do not have those powerful 10sec stun spell :). So I just play for fun with what I have until we level up, practice instinct :).
Other problem is that ppl will always play FOTM, I know I would, if more people would play necro it would be easier for you to find good opening or counter.
I wish there is a challenge mode where we can practice vs each other.

Until then, do not stress to much, it wont help much about bad opening though :slight_smile:


i can give you counter for every Mordrake spell… just ask what you have problem with?
And yeah a bit more time for all spells to open.
Saving Grace, ok shorten the push range and remove ministun/interupt effect… its too much and even with that 2 mana is low considering it fully heals your minion… and as i said leave it as it is with 4 mana is kinda ok…


I think the biggest reason why Ameryl is currently stronger than the others is because she has too many stuns. Almost every spell gives you some kind of stun and in a game where interrupting charge is very important, that is a very big advantage.

Saving Grace and Repel are probably the two best spells in the game.


Ameryl is really OP. Starting from her ability, she stuns the whole board. All common spells (beside Marksman) also stun! -.- This just gets more annoying in the later game…

I would honestly replace her ability with heal. So instead of stuning everyone, she heals all units (size of the heal like Judgment). Then is more dependent on the minions on the board. And it’s more similar to the other heroes, since Ruul ignites only enemy minions, and Mordrake only summons if there are corpses. Still in the same healer/disruptor theme.

The other nerf would be Saving Grace. Just remove the mini stun.

That should be enough. :slight_smile:


Thanks for suggestions! We will use some of this for the next update!