Ameryl Fighting ! The experience of Ameryl on this patch


Let’s talk about Ameryl!
Ameryl major injuries come from her minions , exception of holy spear and righteous smash , she can not do any injuries to his opponent , and she only can use smash ,repel and solar flare when she want to stop the opponent’s attack ,and those spell only smash can do harms.
This means that Ameryl is very weak when she have no minions on the battle. What the opponent needs is only to focus on how to eliminate Ameryl’s minions, and he can win with a high probability. In contrast, how to saves her soldier will be the key point of this foot .
Before introducing tactics, discuss a few very important spells:
Mass resurrection:One of the core spells, the more successful the resurrection can bring you a greater chance of winning
Protector’s wings:
One of the core spells, used to flash tactics or gather minions or healing
Healing Wave:
Range healing, usually to handle some conditions such as acid pool , or when you want to hold the line of defense.
Summon healer:The longer healer survive, the high rate of winning, but it is usually the target to wipe out emphatically, save as much as you can.
Cleanse:It focus on the opponent’s important minion, such as overload, minion with state, possession, justice orb, I recommend to bring it.
Other spells can be chosen according to your habits.
The minions choice, in my personal experience can divided into three kinds, pure swordman, Tank plus swordman or tank plus archers. Pure tank is not recommend, because the attack is too weak, this combination need to use blessed weapons to be more antagonistic ,and it will make deck have less flexibility , and in the end this match usually just like a chronic suicide, I suggest not to use this .

Pure swordman is very suitable for playing the early stage, and the game usually will over as soon, whether you win or lose. Ameryl need to get the most advantage in the early waves of battle for win, which means that defensive tower may not your focus, all you have to do is send your swordman to the opponent’s tower or summoner side. I usually put a single line of three swordman, all your attention is on those swordman, and you need to spell any magic what can protect those swoedman such as mass resurrection, Protector’s wings, healing waves, etc. You must to put it on a good time to keep your swordman alive as much as possible what is good for win.

Tank plus swordman is more average type of play, the emergence of the third soldier you can choose to put tanks on the top line or put swordman on the bottom line(usually choose swordman, because the bottom’s tower is less blood). The middle of the fight is usually a combination of tank plus swordman both top and bottom line. Because of the tank, the fight will be more entangled, it means that your spell will have more time and flexibility, so how to get the advantage in this period will be your focus. You need to keep the tower, despite your offensive is very smooth. If you can not be sure to get victory by this offensive, you are likely to lose because you are affected by the other side of the disadvantage. It is also important when using the protector’s wings to gather minions and resurrect as many minion as possible.

Tank plus archers is the style of formation battle , because the characteristics of the archers, the archers need to gather certain amount what can cause a little threat at the bottom line, so that top line will always be in a vulnerable situation and how to defense will be an important work. Because of the archers have less blood, usually opponents use one or two aoe spell that can destroy the entire force, so try to find ways to save the troops in order to make a threat. Appropriate use of protector’s wing to flash magic and defense on the top line will be necessary.

Ameryl is so weak to fight to other roles, she need to have some buff at next patch such as raise resistance, or have magic shield…… etc. It is hard to play and often get a lot of disappointment when fight to lyra especially. Hope this post will help someone who like to play Ameryl, and I am so poor in english so if this post let you hard to read, please forgive me :slight_smile: