A New Ruul Bug Dying for Free :(


I start to play Ruuul since 3 Days. And its rly weird sometimes I die for no reason my health points are over 50% and seconds after I die and lose the match. I have that feeling that is something wrong with fire crush cuz I use this card. But I don’t use it anymore if my Hp is lover then 50%.

Any ideas :frowning: ?


I would say it is 99% because of fire crush, I played a lot of games with Ruul since patch and haven’t noticed this. But I do not use that spell.
Cannot test it right now, on account that I have access right now I do not have that spell, so maybe latter today.
I can see a lot of possible scenarios related to that spell, triggering multiple times (like malvolio mentioned in other post sometimes there are multicast), other spells in your hand take that 20% hp loss, cast dragon and crush at a same time and every tick of dragon takes 20% of your HP, minion not killed by it makes you take dmg every time he takes dmg :slight_smile: … I could think at least 50 more scenarios. So to narrow it down for developers. You might mention:
-Your device and system
-Time when this happened (is it one time thing or at least 3x)
-What was the deck you used
-What class did you play against (player or practice, if player maybe you can remember who, as he/she might be able to shred some light on it)
-Were there other minions around your hero at a time of death
-Why do you even play with Fire Crush (this last one is for me xD )


Thanks for Reply ,

  • IPad Pro Newest IOS

  • It Happend to me 7 Times now :frowning:

  • Thats my deck

  • it was Ranked all Time

  • No minions arround in That Time i dies

  • Bro Fire Crush is the Secret Card for early gsme if u have it on Lvl 3 it can one shot the Enemy minion Its Op i dont Get why Nobody PlayS That Card.

Cheers Ez


Maybe nobody plays it because you will die randomly from it due to that bug, lol.


Fire Crush is the most powerful single target damaging spell, BUT there is a price. If you read the description, there is a drawback which is a big part of the spell, and that is your spellcaster sacrifices 20% of current health points! Your spellcaster can not die, because it is always percentage of current health points, but it is big price in the beginning of the battle :slight_smile:


Ok guys. There is a serious bug with Ruul. He dies suddenly when playing against this (POY) group. Happened at least 10-15 times since the last update and only when playing against POY. Not every time but often when playing Dulac and Shane. The annoying thing is that he suddenly dies with half of energy and without enemy minions arround in counter situation.I started thinking that it could be cheat since only happens when playing against POY. Can anyone in Nordeus check that? If it is a cheat they shoud be disqualified. If it is a bug then fix it.


Hei Dirk,

We’re on it and shall investigate what’s going on. In some defence of the POY group - they were dying as well and have reported the same bug to us recently.

We’ll keep you up to date as soon as we know more.


Hi Dirk,

Basically as Solid said it happens on both sides. Do you mind sharing what is device you are playing on and operating system? I am sure it will help developers. Also do you remember what time it was when this happened, I might have recorded it so I can take another look?

And it was always a close call game against you lately; sad to hear I occasionally win because of this. Anyhow GG.


Yo Shane! Sorry, it was not ment to stamp you! It happend twice today, against you and Navi between 10 and 11 am. I am playing on ipad, latest ios. Anyways, hope to have more close games with you guys and without bugs! Best regards


Thank you @Shane! We got already all the info from @Dirk_Diggler about the battles and the devs are now checking the logs to see what happened, I will let you know as soon as we know more.


I also instantly died while being at 80% in a game I played against @Dirk_Diggler diggler today … it was somewhere in the early afternoon. He was using the spells which were reported to have caused these issues, the Wall and the Cloud. He used the wall in places where he didn’t need defense at all, so I suspected we were stuck in different games from a relatively early point.