A month from last update, so what's next?


Given that we completely lack community staff last few weeks, it makes me wonder… What’s going on guys? Any plans for future versions?


I Wanted to ask the Same question :smiley:


Servers are still running so that’s something… not a 5 second post to say they are working hard on the next update is concerning though


I rly don’t know if the devs are reading our posts half year ago they reply so much more. Now we are just talking without any answer that’s kinda sad for me :confused:


Yeah miss @SOLID too


Bumpity bump, in case anyone from Nordeus reads these forums :no_mouth:


Hei folks, we’ll make an announcement this week. Keep reading :slight_smile:


Solid I Love u <3


Hope this announcement includes a mordrake nerf. I am not only one who thinks this trust me. The whole of guild I’m in would agree with this. Guild is pretty much your most active best players.

New spells would be nice across board all casters break the repetition that seems to be slowly becoming the norm.


I think mordrake skeletons are a bit too tough. If mordrake can last a few rounds he becomes increasingly unstoppable.

Everyone is beatable but.mordrake is really uphill battle, then a good ruul that takes out all your people in 8 uncounterable mana points meteor is tough.

Lyra is still the most fun, even though she is unreliable and has no aoe attacks.
Ameryl seems the weakest atm.


So… Announcement and stuff? What’s going on? You’re kinda scaring me guys…


Not long now…


announcement is on the horizon…


Like we can almost see it… Almost…


Thank god we ain’t holding our breath for announcements. Your player base all would of suffocated by now.


Maybe they exist in some sort of time spectrum we don’t know of. Been over a week since Shane said a week lol. By that conception of time who the hell knows.


Shhh. I think I hear an announcement coming,


Quiet. Dont scare it :slight_smile:


My spider sense is tingling,


Just so y’all know, it’s still tingling…